Meet our Team

We are a group of Georgetown undergraduate and graduate students working towards a plastic-free future, beginning with our own campus.

Anya Wahal

Anya is a sophomore studying STIA.

Why are you interested in Pick it Up? I’m excited about the interdisciplinary and innovative nature of the Pick it Up team — that we get to design an end product to reduce plastic pollution with no specific goal in mind is equally thrilling and frightening.

What issues are you most passionate about? Harnessing the power of data to craft effective public policies. We need more leaders who know and understand science! 

Who inspires you? Women in STEM! Rosalind Franklin was my childhood hero. 

Jamal Jaffer

Jamal is a senior studying Environmental Biology and minoring in STIA.

Why are you interested in Pick it Up?

Pick it Up provides one of the best opportunities for a student like me to engage in real-life sustainability problem solving.

What issues are you most passionate about?

The ethical and sustainable use of natural resources/ecosystems. In the future I aspire to be a part of national and international efforts to best preserve the natural cycles of our planet from human threats.

Who inspires you?

My professors, my friends, and my family all inspire me to take pride in what I do and make the greatest difference I can. I would also say that the natural world is a huge inspiration for me.

Gillian Meyers

Gillian is a sophomore studying STIA and minoring in Biology and French.

Why. are you interested in Pick It Up?

Marine plastic pollution is an issue that’s pressing but hard to see. By involving students on campus, we can feel the impacts closer to home.

What issues are you most passionate about?

Environmental security issues, especially when food and water insecurity caused by climate change make people more vulnerable to exploitation and violence.

Who inspires you?

My friends, who are doing amazing work in the environment and in the world as a whole!